Who we are

We are a Danish team of film-makers, illustrators and communication experts
(you know those guys that could talk you into anything).

Our passion is creating moving stories and explaining stuff simply... Any kind of stuff!!
Luckily you found the best and we can move mountains for you. Together we can make the impossible possible

How we help you explaining

1. We boil down a powerful story

Everyone can tell a story. A great story though takes quite some effort.
Especially if you are new at this. We focus on simplicity, extract the essence of
your product or service and transform it into a black and white animation.
A picture is worth 1000 words. Imagine what a powerful video can do to reach your customers.

2. WE take care of you

We want to make awesome products, but also want to have a friendly connection with our customers.
A personal project manager will be available to you anytime.
They constantly keep you updated and collect feedback and approvals from you.

3. We are punctual and keep our promises

We give you realistic deadlines.
We want to deliver the best videos, have pleased customers and be proud of your success with it. It's that simple!
We keep our word and stick to our standards!

Your message - loud and clear

Our easy workflow


Get your personal offer/quote


Decide to work with us


We research and analyze your product and its market position.
Then develop a script and a storyboard, get your feedback and bring it to the next stage.


We put the script to production: Illustration, Directing, Editing, Sound, Voice Over..
While the creatives are working, you review the edits
until a version that completely satisfies your taste.


BOOM!! You receive your amazing video in all languages you ordered.
Now you can go nuts and share it to the whole world!

Let's make your video

To get started we need some formularities done, but then the fun starts...
The more info we get about your product/service the better!